Types of Embroidery Works to Enhance the Beauty of Your Wedding Lehengas

Types of Embroidery Works to Enhance the Beauty of Your Wedding Lehengas

by Mayur Zinzala on May 02, 2023

Bridal Lehengas are the most popular choice of most brides in India nowadays. Bridal lehenga is a 3 piece attire that includes a blouse, a heavily decorated skirt and a dupatta. Bridal lehengas are simple skirts that are lavishly decorated, mainly with embroidery work. Be it decorated with simple thread work or sequence work, it adds the charm to the dress overall. 

So, if you are also a bride, all set to shop your wedding lehenga, here are a few embroidery works you should know about, to decide what would look best for your designer lehenga for wedding

Types of Embroidery Works for Wedding Lehengas

1. Zari


Zaari work is the art of weaving gold, silver and metallic threads. It is done most intricately. Traditionally the zari work is done with thread made of fine gold or silver. However, nowadays the metallic zari has replaced the expensive gold or silver zari. The metallic zari is made by wrapping metallic yarn on cotton yarn. The metallic zari is rust resistant, lightweight and durable. Zari work embroidery is available in many colours other than gold and silver as well. The Zari work done on silk fabric is the best way to give your bridal lehenga a royal touch. 

2. Gota Patti

Gota Patti

Gota patti work originated in Rajasthan. GOta Pati is plain gold or silver zari lace/ ribbon that is placed mostly at the edge of the fabric. Gota patti work also uses applique technique. Gota work is also done by applying small pieces of lace on the fabric to create an elaborate pattern. 

Most traditional rajasthani lehenga choli are designed with Gota patti work. This work of embroidery looks traditional and absolutely stunning.

3. Mirror work  AKA Abhla Bharat

Mirror work  AKA Abhla Bharat

Mirror work basically is a type of embroidery work where small pieces of mirrors or reflective sheets are attached to the fabric. The mirror work embroidery is probably the most common embroidery type done in Asia.

The mirror work embroidery is probably the most trendiest embroidery type nowadays. Covered with a single colour thread, the mirror embroidery looks the most stylish, chic and elegant. Especially when embroidered on white lehenga choli

4. Thread Embroidery

Thread Embroidery

Thread work is probably the most traditional type of embroidery all over the world. Every region of the world has their own style of thread embroidery, as that may be the first kind of embroidery found. The perfect colour combination matters a lot when it comes to thread embroidery for your bridal lehenga. The colour selection of the work decides if the dress would look royal or crafty. To play it on the safe side, you can go with a monochromatic colour scheme or use colour wheel- theories to choose the perfect colours for your thread embroidery. 

Thread embroidery for bridal lehenga choli is mostly done with a collab of other embroidery works like zari, stone work, mirror work, etc. as embellishments to help elevate the whole look. 

5. Lucknowy work

Lucknowy work

One of lucknowy works most famous type of work is Chikankari work. It is mostly handwoven with white threads on white or pastel coloured cotton or muslin fabrics. It is also done with coloured threads on various kinds of coloured fabrics to match the fashion ends. Lucknow work is mostly hand woven and is done skillfully. The work looks amazing on every colour and makes the fabric stand out for your wedding lehenga choli

To wrap up, 

There are many types of embroidery works you can go for for your bridal lehenga choli. Here are only a few famous ones. Other than these, every region of India probably has their own embroidery work style. Wedding is a once in a lifetime thing, and so is your wedding dress. So, you should explore and find what will best suit you for one of the most special days of your life! 

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1. How many types of embroidery works are there?

There are uncountable types of embroidery works there. Every region of the world probably has their own kind of embroidery. 

2. How many types of embroidery work are available on ‘Ready to Wear Lehenga’?

There are many embroidery works available on ‘Ready toWear Lehenga’,. Like, zari work, sequence work, mirror work, thread work, etc. 

3. Which is the most traditional embroidery work?

Thread work and zari work are probably the most traditional embroidery works.