9 Dream Pink Bridal Lehengas for Your Bridal Attire

9 Dream Pink Bridal Lehengas for Your Bridal Attire

by Mayur Zinzala on May 02, 2023

Red is counted as the most auspicious colour for bridal attire. Most Indian women wear red for their bridalwear. However, pink colour has also been counted in the same category since its resemblance to the red colour. Many brides since the last couple of decades have chosen Pink for their bridal attire. Pink lehenga choli especially look the best for bridal wear. The elegance, beauty and sophistication that the pink bridal lehenga choli brings with you while you walk down the aisle is all worth choosing it. 

Pink lehenga choli unfolds femininity, quirk and grace like no other bridal outfits. So, if you are planning to wear something more stylish, quirky and elegant this wedding season, or for your own wedding, the Pink lehenga choli may have the best variety for you! 

9 Pink Lehenga Choli for Your Dream Bridal Attire

Here are a few Pink lehenga choli you might want to get inspired by for your wedding outfit.

1. Pink Silk Lehenga Choli

Pink Silk Lehenga Choli

The classic pink silk lehenga choli is one of the most popular lehenga cholis on ‘Ready to Wear lehenga’. The wedding lehenga choli are filled with sequins and dori-work embroidery with diamond stones placed all over the outfit. It has the bollywood lehenga choli look that every Indian woman once desired for their wedding. 

2. Rani Pink rajwadi Sana Silk Lehenga

 Rani Pink rajwadi Sana Silk Lehenga

The rani pink colour probably got popular around the years before 2000. And it came back in a much more stylish way. Like the name suggests, the rani pink silk lehenga choli with the rajwadi embroidery work all over the bridal lehengas are designed to offer you the queen-like look for your wedding. You don’t need too much for your look as the rani pink colour takes care of your royal look already.

3. Pink Multicolour Lehenga Choli

 Pink Multicolour Lehenga Choli

Why stick to one colour when you can go with multicolour? The beautiful pink colour holds the capacity to corporate many colours with decent proportions. The pure chinon fabric with digital and embroidery work done all over it, elevates the beauty of the colours and the bridal lehenga itself, giving it the bridal shine. The lace border for the net dupatta puts the entire look together.

4. Peach Pink Leheriya Print lehenga Choli

Peach Pink Leheriya Print lehenga Choli

Leheriya print is widely famous in the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Leheriya print originates from Rajasthan, thus, originating the royal look of rajasthan. The peach pink colour for the leheriya makes the entire print more vibrant and wedding-y. The organza silk for the fabric too helps embracing the sequins and embroidery work done over the Indian chaniya choli

5. Peach to Pink Multicolor Lehenga

Peach to Pink Multicolor Lehenga

The beautiful peach colour merging into the dark pink colour is a shining beauty to the eyes. The beautiful merge of these colours in a designer lehenga choli is all you need in your bridal lehenga choli when you desire to experiment with your style and fashion. The light peach pink colour helps you bring out your skin tone, while the dark pink colour balances all the colour including your skin colour. 

6. Dusty Pink Georgette Lehenga Choli

 Dusty Pink Georgette Lehenga Choli

The dusty pink colour especially suits women with darker skin tone. It brings out the beauty of your skin tone with its light and dusty colour. It lets the real colour of your body shine, instead of overpowering it. Dusty and light Dusty Pink pink lehenga choli are getting popular more and more due to the Bollywood celebrity weddings nowadays. 

7. Light Pink Japan Stain Lehenga Choli

Light Pink Japan Stain Lehenga Choli

The beautiful light pink colour will suit best on the wheat-ish fair skin tone. It goes naturally with fair skin tones. The subtle pink colour of this bridal lehenga choli allows you to experiment with the colours for your jewellery. You can go with gold, white, green, blue, and many such colours you would like.

8. Maroon Pink Bridal Lehenga Choli

 Maroon Pink Bridal Lehenga Choli

The maroon pink bridal lehenga choli has the most beautiful dark shade of pink. The silver-like embroidery work all over the lehenga choli gives it the party wear lehenga choli look. The similar embroidery work for the border of the net dupatta elevates the entire look for your bridal attire here. This deep pink lehenga choli will sit especially for evening or night time weddings. 

9. Pink Lucknowi Lehenga Choli

 Pink Lucknowi Lehenga Choli

The lucknowi Designer Pink color lehenga choli with sequins work all over the designer lehenga choli and dupatta puts that plus point of the lehenga here. The georgette lets the lehenga flow for the comfort it has to offer. The deep pink colour brings out your skin tone, while the lucknowi sequence work becomes the star of the show here. 

Picture yourself walking down the aisle wearing a pink lehenga choli and grasping all the eyes at you all at once! Pretty charming right? Well, that is what the pink colour does for you. It brings out the feminine, graceful and elegant side of any woman for one of the most special days of their life! 


1. What are some pink colours we can go for our bridal lehenga choli?

You can go with hot pink, light pink, dusty pink, rani pink, maroon, peach pink, etc. for your bridal lehenga choli, as they bring out your skin colour instead of over powering its own colour. 

2. Which colour will suit the best to the wheat-ish fair skin one?

Peach pink, light pink, rani pink and more such colours go well with the wheat-is fair skin tones. 

3. When did the rani-pink colour get so famous for lehenga choli?

Rani pink colour probably got famous around a few years before 2000.