Embroidered Lehenga Choli for women

Embroidered Lehenga Choli

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 31, 2023

Indian women have used embroidered lehengas choli as traditional apparel from ancient times. In the past, embroidered lehengas came in a variety of forms and were worn by wanderers, tribal people, and even royalty. 

The tribal people like lenghas made of plain cotton cloth that have up to 80 panels of elaborate embroidery and mirror work.

Royalty could afford more elaborate brocade, tanchoi, and heavy satins, as well as embroidery made of genuine gold and silver and set with costly stones. 

The length of a lehenga choli with tribal embroidery ranged from the knee to the ankle, whereas it was usually long enough to touch the ground as the wearer moved.

What are the types of embroidered lehenga choli?

  1. Bordered lehenga 

Since the beginning, the border has been an essential component of lehenga cholis. Because of its adaptability, borders may be readily included into any part of a lehenga. Borders are made from a variety of materials and styles. 

Borders can be in a variety of forms, including plain, embroidered stonework, and many others. The border is an enduring element because of its devoted and romantic character. 

For any occasion, choose a lehenga with thick borders.

      2. Sequins 

For any woman looking to give her lehenga choli a little glitter, sequins are the perfect finishing touch. Smaller and lighter coloured sequins can have a subtle effect on a lehenga, whereas larger and darker sequins can make a statement. 

Work with sequins is ideal for women with bright personalities. Both weddings and gatherings allow the wearing of sequined lehengas  choli.

     3. Mirror work lehenga

The lehenga is given a sparkling appearance with mirror accents. 

The greatest lehenga choli for night events is one with mirror work; it offers you the nicest appearance after the sun has set and you are sparkling throughout the event. 

With complete mirror or light mirror work, there are numerous types of mirror work. The lehenga is given volume by mirror work as well.

     4. Embroidery lehenga 

Every girl is expected to enter the room wearing an outfit that is incredibly fine, sophisticated, and lovely. The most popular outfit for ladies to wear for weddings, bridal wear, or any holiday is a lehenga choli in India. Lehenga is beautifully embellished with embroidery that improves the overall appearance. 

There are different kinds of embroidery you can choose from to enhance your appearance. Nowadays, the most popular embroidery styles are zari, chikankari, and gota patti.

     5. Cut Dana Lehenga 

Work done with beads is essentially cut dana work. Different varieties of beads are fashioned such that they can reflect light. 

Lehenga choli  with beadwork have a royal and opulent appearance. Designers make stunning designs by combining various shapes.

 Lehengas with beadwork and stone carvings cost more than those with conventional designs due to the labor-intensive nature of their creation. 

Because of its lavish and regal appearance, the cut dana work design lehenga's hand work is worth wearing.

     6. Neckline designs

The most significant feature of any dress is its neckline. Your dress won't give you the designer lehenga for a wedding  look if the neckline isn't done well. 

Every future bride or lady who wants to put together a romantic look must always consider the neckline first. The first feature of your dress that people notice is the neckline. 

There are many different necklines available; you must pick the one that best compliments your dress and your body shape. 

To find the finest neckline for a lehenga, you must first research the necklines that work best for your body shape. The greatest neckstyle for every body type is the V neck.

7. Zardosi Lehenga 

The most conventional work produced in India is zardosi. Among Indian women, zardosi work has consistently been fashionable.

 One kind of intricate metal embroidery done on fabric is called zardosi. It nevertheless appears regal and sophisticated. 

The amazing details have women head over heels in love. The most distinctive and substantial attire that can be worn to any wedding or important occasion is made with zardosi embroidery in golden colour.

What about some tassels and frills?

Without frills and tassels, no celebration this season featuring a lehenga choli is complete. These patterns give your clothing a broader look.

Ruffles are most suited for people with exceptionally lean bodies since they instantly give you a broader, more vibrant appearance. 

Frills, blouses, skirts, or dupattas are all options. 

Tassels that dangle from your blouse sleeves and dupatta ends also give your outfit a dash of adventure and style. 

You can put it on for the wedding itself or any reception, nighttime celebration, daytime event, or cocktail hour. Picking the appropriate hue is all that is required! For girls, it is a popular lehenga choli.

The benefits of online lehenga choli shopping

Online lehenga choli shopping is a blessing because it is very practical. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can browse a variety of collections. You can enlarge the photographs to have a closer look at the item you're purchasing.

 You can accurately determine your size according to the model's characteristics, so you won't have to worry about hopping from store to store in search of the ideal item.

You have many options to save a little extra money thanks to online specials and discounts. Ready to wear lehenga is your one-stop shop for all your bridal lehengas because of its large and comprehensive assortment ethnic clothing issues. With reasonable prices and guaranteed product quality, you may shop for lehenga cholis online without breaking the bank.



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