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Salwar kameeze, the perfect ethnic wear.

by Mayur Zinzala on Apr 14, 2023

The Indian fashion industry is seeing its strongest ever global market! According to internal fashion designers, demand for Indian ethnic wear is rising.

Because of the sizable Indian population abroad, there is a persistent need for stylish products with Indian flair. Significant amounts of ethnic Salwar Kameeze clothing are exported to cater to the large population that dwells abroad. Everyone is falling in love with these gorgeous dresses for everyday wear, ethnic events, and even weddings!

Ethnic Salwar Kameez Styles' Shared Elements and Attributes

The phrase "Ethnic Wear" refers to any traditional Indian outfit manufactured utilising Indian fabrics and patterns. Here are some of the crucial aspects:
Depending on their country of origin, materials used to make ethnic salwar suits for women are acquired locally.
To match all age groups, they come in a range of cuts and styles.
Traditional images like peacocks, elephants, horses, and even mythical scenes are frequently used.
Salwars are kept simple when worn as ethnic attire, such as the traditional Churidar or the loose, baggy design.
A dupatta is a crucial piece of jewellery that completes your outfit look and fits with the suit.

Below, let's take a closer look at the most recent ethnic salwar suit designs.

1. Suits in Anarkali
party wear salwar suit

The Mughal era inspired the design, which continues to impress the business today. Essentially, an Anarkali Salwar Kameeze is made up of three main pieces:

The Anarkali Suit's bottom piece is often made of trapezoid-shaped textile panels (called "Kali") that start at the waist and give the shirt flair. Long pleats highlight the top while accentuating the waist and hips. The dupatta, often referred to as the stole, is an optional loose piece of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways and completes the salwar suit for women as  traditional appearance.

2. Apple-Shaped or designer kaftan for women

Designer Kaftan for Women

It's recommended to choose the darker colours to glam up your look if your upper body is wider and has a rounder stomach than your lower body. 
Also, since they don't cling too tightly to the body, fabrics like cotton and silk would highlight your greatest features. To make your kurti palazzo set more attractive, try to have a V-neckline. 
Maintain a complete length in your palazzo pants to make your slim legs appear proportionate and to create a balanced look.

3. Straight  kurta pantskurta set for womenAn average body type would look good in a variety of colours and patterns. Kurtis with puff sleeves, pleats, layers, jackets, packed or even detailings would assist you shine as the shoulders, ribs, hips, and waist are straight. A Kurti palazzo set with wide necks can add a feminine and fashionable touch. Wide-legged palazzos or straight pants  can offer appealing volume to the lower body for girls with straight body types. Also, their lovely legs can be defined and emphasised with fashionable cuts and bottom lace palazzos.

4. Pear-shapedPink salwar suitAre your heavier thighs, larger hips, and narrow shoulders annoying you? There are kurti palazzo set fashions , but that shouldn't stop you from looking stylish. To emphasise the torso, use light-colored kurtis with dark-colored, fitting palazzos. Kurtis with prints, textures, and designer kaftan for girls can also enhance the upper body's beauty. For a pear-shaped body type, parallel or pleated palazzos may be the finest option. Don't wear anything that rests on your hips.

5. Slim & LeanSilk Kaftan for WomenYour only thought is to add weight and volume to your appearance. Is it not? With flamboyant sleeves, off-shoulders, a wide neckline, flowy bottoms, and big hems, you must draw attention to your assets. You can also experiment with bigger prints and layers to give the appearance of mass. You can also appear slender by wearing embellished kurta designs for women made of cotton, silk  or linen fabric.

6. Slit Kurtis: Salwar and leggings
Georgette salwar kameez

One of the most fashionable Kurti palazzo set breeds is the slit. They can easily switch from sombre daytime attire to glittering evening attire. They provide you the chance to play modest yet seductive peek-a-boo while making your legs appear slim. If you wear them with solid leggings or salwars, your outfit will appear remarkable. These bottoms are also designed to give you the maximum amount of comfort and style.

We now understand how the choice of kurtis and palazzos can significantly alter how you look. Choose the looks that will accentuate your best physical characteristics. Hence, whether your body type is pear, apple, or athletic, you can find your match here!


    1. Does the weight of the shipment factor into the shipping cost?

Indeed, the weight and number of products in your order are taken into account when calculating the shipping costs. After you buy the products, you may see the delivery costs in your cart.

    2. Can I return a lehenga or salwar kameez that was custom-made for me?

We apologise, but custom-stitched items cannot be exchanged or returned.

    3. Can I exchange or return the sewn salwar kameez that I purchased?

Custom-made or hand-sewn apparel, including salwar kameez and ready-made stitched salwar kameez, is not returnable. However, if there are any errors on our end, we will accept returns.

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