Silk Lehenga Choli For Women

Inspiring Silk Lehenga Choli for Inspiring Women

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 16, 2023

Silk has been the most preferred fabric of brides for their wedding in India. The beautiful colours, the shiny material and the way it feels against your skin is all you take it for. Silk itself is a royal looking material. Weddings are the most appropriate events where you can wear this fabric. Speaking of wedding and silk, the other thing that is most popular for wedding attire among brides, is bridal lehenga choli.

Bridal attire obviously catches all the eyes in the wedding. Lehenga choli holds the capacity to hug your body in a perfect silhouette. Which is a brief answer to ‘Why is Bridal Lehenga Choli a Preferred Wedding Outfit for Indian Brides?’ and Which is why silk lehenga choli are also a  popular choice for wedding attires among Indian women. 

If you are a bride or a bridesmaid or just have to attend weddings soon, you must think about investing in silk lehenga cholis. Read further and check out a few of the most amazing silk lehenga cholis on ‘Ready to Wear Lehenga’. 

5 Inspiring Silk Lehenga Choli for Weddings

1. The black Jacquard Silk Lehenga Choli
Silk Lehenga Choli

The beautiful details of the jacquard fabric and the simple black top for the blouse is a perfect attire for any wedding function. You can play with the top to dress up or dress down your outfit according to the event. The perfect shiny fabric with a subtle black top makes a perfect partywear lehenga choli as well.

All there is left for you, is to accessories nicely and shine.

2. The Red and White Banarasi Silk Lehenga  Choli
Banarasi Silk Lehenga  Choli

Banarasi silk breathes royalty and luxury. Wearing it only instantly makes you look royal. The beautiful patterns of the banarasi silk and the subtle yet shiny material makes it a preferable choice of many brides for their wedding day. The white and red banarasi silk lehenga choli especially, are the most preferred colour combination for Indian Weddings. 

The carefully draped dupatta and heavy gold jewellery can help you elevate your look.

3. Pink Silk Lehenga Choli
Silk Lehenga Choli

Red is considered to be the most auspicious colour for Indian wedding attire. But if you want to go with a different colour, you can go with a bright pink lehenga choli to not go very far from the red. The pink colour adds a certain charm to your look and also glams your entire personality. You can also go with various colour options for the jewellery you choose. You can go with pearls, diamonds, beads, various coloured stones/ diamonds, gold, silver and any type of jewellery you like with this pink coloured wedding lehenga choli. 

Everything goes with pink if carried appropriately. Choose the pink to keep up with the tradition and also to glam up with the modern style.

4. Rajwadi Sana Silk Lehenga Choli
Silk Lehenga Choli

The rani pink rajwadi sana silk lehenga choli that just like how its name suggests, gives you a rajwadi look. The rajwadi sana silk has a subtle yet shiny look with beautiful sequence embroidery work detail. The gota pati lace on the border elevates the entire look of the lehenga choli. The beautiful embroidery details on the dupatta too helps you glam the look. Pull your hair back in a bun, put on a Gajra or some white flowers, and a mangtika. Put on some decent fine jewellery and a pair of high heels and you are ready to rock.

5. Pista Green Floral lehenga Choli
Floral lehenga Choli

The pretty pista green colour with the beautiful red floral print all over the silk legenga choli makes it perfect for a wedding reception. The dori embroidery work with sequences and diamond makes it heavy, royal and perfect for wedding season. The subtle pista green colour can be carried to both daytime and night time functions. You can go with red/green diamond jewellery, beads, and gold jewellery for accessories. 

Weddings are the time when you can put your step forward in fashion. You can grab all your eyes to yourself with the best and statement lehenga choli from ‘Ready to Wear lehenga’. We have a variety of lehenga choli for weddings and other parties. Scroll through the store, pick up your favourite ethnic pieces and shop now!!!


1. Can you wear black to a wedding?

According to Indian traditions black is not considered to be an auspicious colour for weddings. Although the time and the mentality of the people has been changing. And we have started looking at the colours with more than just superstitious eyes. Black colour is no more an odd colour. It is fancy, cool and classy and if you are still not comfortable wearing it to a wedding, you can pull a black lehenga with colourful embroidery work or digital print over it for the wedding party if not the wedding.

2. What is considered to be the most auspicious colour for the Indian Bridal lehengas?
Red is considered to be the most auspicious colour for the Indian Bridal lehengas.

3. What are other colours that you can go with without harming the belief of wearing an auspicious colour(red) for the wedding?

Red is considered to be the most auspicious colour for the Indian Bridal lehengas. Although you can wear peach, orange, pink, maroon, and more such colours that resembles the red colour for the wedding without harming the tradition/ belief.