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Lehenga Cholis The Perfect Choice For The Indian Women

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 31, 2023

Indian traditional clothing includes the lehenga and lehenga choli. Lehenga Choli is the second most popular outfit in India, right behind the saree.

One of the most popular ethnic garments today is the lehenga. Lehengas have a magnificent and unusual appearance because they come in a variety of hues. The lehenga choli in India honours feminism.

The lehenga choli is the bridal attire of choice for brides. This is merely due to the fact that lehengas and dresses are much more pleasurable and comfortable to wear. A woman will always choose this first for any situation. It can be worn for pre-wedding events, small and large gatherings, and marriages.

Reasons why brides wear lehengas to weddings

Tradition: Many Indian cultures have a long-standing custom of wearing a designer lehenga for a  wedding, which is regarded as a sign of grace and elegance.

Comfort: Lehenga choli  are a practical choice for a wedding day, which can be a long and busy day because they are pleasant to wear for lengthy periods of time.

Style: Brides can select a look that best expresses their individual likes and style from a vast selection of lehengas' styles, designs, and colours.

Versatility: A lehenga is a versatile choice for a bride who wishes to be able to wear her wedding costume again in the future because it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Lehengas are noted for their elegance. 

They are a popular option for brides who wish to look their best on their wedding day because of their exquisite and sophisticated appearance.

The choice to wear a designer lehenga for a wedding is ultimately a personal one that is influenced by a range of elements, such as cultural background, individual desire, and the overall tone and aesthetic of the event.

What is special about lehenga choli? 

Let's read about what a lehenga choli is first in order to address all of these questions.

Women of all ages love wearing lehenga cholis, which are very fashionable. The captivating hues, fabrics, patterns, and fashions are really well-liked not just in India but all over the world.

The Lehenga Choli, also known as Lehnga, is a three-piece outfit made up of the lehenga, an Indian woman's long, flared skirt, a choli, or an ethnic crop top, and a flowing dupatta that completes the ensemble. It is typically embroidered, printed, or ornamented, fastened at the waist with the midriff exposed, and worn with a choli. The "dupatta" also serves as a sari pallu and conceals the midriff and head, based on the occasion and how one desires to drape it.

It is a versatile outfit.

Women adore this dress because it serves multiple purposes. The lehenga-choli is appropriate for wearing at any time and in any setting, including weddings, family gatherings, and festivals. Any occasion calls for a lehenga choli, which is flattering on all body shapes. This attire is a perennial favourite among Indian women due to its unmatched beauty and ease of wear.

Patterns for lehengas 

The silhouette or style of the lehenga choli for females has experienced significant changes over time due to ethnic influences. The lehenga traditionally comes in a variety of styles, including the Sharara, Gharara, and Lancha. The characteristic shared by all three ensembles is that their primary use is as wedding attire, and that they consist of a shirt, long skirt, and dupatta.

Other contemporary and international fashions have also had an impact on the lehenga choli . One of the most recent Indian cultural creations that has gained popularity recently is the saree in the lehenga form. The saree and lehenga silhouettes are combined in this look. The lower half is made out of a ready-made sari with a zipper or knot at the side of the waist for adjusting, pleats, a fall, and drapes that resemble the flare of a lehenga. It is necessary to tuck and wrap the dupatta once so that it resembles the saree's pallu. Another addition to its ever-evolving styles is the Anarkali lehenga.

Lehenga choli designs

In terms of a good fit Lehenga cholis come in a variety of shapes, including A-line, Straight, Umbrella, Fish, and Mermaid forms. The lehenga has undergone a lot of fabric experimentation recently, as opposed to prior ages when it was sewn using basic materials like cotton or silk. The lehenga choli is now being sewn in a variety of fabric kinds, including georgette, crepe, velvet, satin, and cotton blends.

Lehenga cholis are continually changing to meet market demand. Leading fashion designers have been experimenting with the lehenga choli, including Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, and others. The designers went above and beyond to give the lehenga choli a modern twist by designing it in current silhouettes and adding designer features, urban motifs, and trends.

A lehengas is typically worn at special occasions like weddings, parties, and celebrations. Today, however, there are also lightweight lehengas that can be worn to some less formal occasions. Kundan, pearl, or even some simple traditional jewelry can finish the ensemble.

The fact that a lehenga choli may be worn all year round is its finest feature. Wintertime is the greatest time to wear lehengas made of materials like brocade, velvet, satin, and silk. In the summer, lighter textiles like silk, georgette, and crepe can be worn.

Lehenga-choli must be dry washed to preserve its original style as well as the fine fabric and elaborate embellishments. These clothes need to be kept dry and covered in plastic or a crisp white linen.



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