Bridal Lehengas

Latest bridal Lehenga for unique ethnic look!!

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 16, 2023

It's time to review some emerging trends in bridal fashion as 2023 has started , especially for traditional attire like bridal  lehengas,red bridal lehenga,, royal red bridal lehenga, designer lehenga for wedding, chaniya choli for wedding,, party wear lehenga designs, sangeet lehenga, sangeet lehenga for bride, haldi lehenga for bride. Indian brides are going all out and experimenting with their bridal appearances while the majority of the world is preferring minimalistic clothing alternatives. 

Less money is spent on guests and big venues, thus more is spent on the bride's attire. 

And brides are all about embracing unconventional preferences and fashions. 

The bridal lehengas trends have so much to offer brides of 2022, from ornate, OTT outfits to subtle pastel tones.

Scroll down to see our look at the next trends in bridal lehengas for 2023 to get a sense of what we can anticipate to see from our colourful brides this year!

Lehenga Variety For Brides  

1. Anarkali Silhouette

Bridal Lehenga Choli

While bodycon skirts and asymmetrical hems are two recent trends in bridal lehengas, the A-line lehenga, also known as the "Anarkali Silhouette," is a timeless style. Due to their timeless allure, many millennial brides have chosen this traditional yet beautiful look. Additionally, it feels really airy to spin around in this flared attire!

2. Colorful Lehengas

Lengha Choli For Women

Technicolor is a moniker that is sure to bring back memories for all the 90s kids out there. Not only is this vintage fashion dear to our hearts, but it has also been shown to look very stunning when worn with bridal lehengas. 

Designer Amit Aggarwal has been at the forefront of this trend and specifically incorporates this pattern in his work. And we have no doubt that brides will still favour these metallic technicolour styles in 2023!

3. A Trail of Drama

Partywear Lehengas

No of the length, a sweeping lehenga trail can give your bridal attire a stunning queen-like vibe. Today, a huge number of fashion houses and couture labels have started incorporating these sweeping trails into their party wear  lehenga designs. 

The focus of brides is on them! In 2023, we hope to witness a growth in this fashion and more extravagant lehenga trails.

4. Off-White and White Lehengas

Bridal Lehengas

We are most accustomed to seeing bridal lehengas in the colours of red, pink, and orange during Indian weddings. However, over time, customs have changed, and so too have the attitudes of those who organise weddings.

As a result, more brides are choosing to wear white lehengas to their weddings. 

Despite being unorthodox, white bridal lehengas are aesthetically pleasing and elegant, and their whimsical details really make them stand out.

5. Pre-Wedding Printed Lehengas

Designer Lengha Choli

When given the option to choose between comfort and style, brides have been selecting the latter, particularly for their pre-wedding activities. More and more brides are selecting printed lehengas for their pre-wedding ceremonies like mehendi and haldi, saving the dramatic fairytale emotions for their wedding day.

Furthermore, just because these bridal lehengas are more laid-back doesn't make them any less beautiful.

If anything, the unconventional colours and eye-catching prints of printed lehengas tend to capture our attention more.

In addition, they are the most versatile late. Therefore, we're hopeful that more brides will pick environmentally friendly, printed lehengas for their pre-wedding events

6. Shimmer Remains Vibrant

Embroidery Lengha Choli

Shimmer in all its forms—whether it takes the shape of mirror work, sequins, or metallic embroidery—will be a favourite option among brides in 2023. 

The best thing about these lehengas is that practically every designer and couture brand would make you an unique dress.

You should wear a dazzling bridal lehenga because you deserve to sparkle on your special day.

So, if you haven't considered what hue or style you'll choose for your bridal lehenga, these brides may be able to provide some guidance. But in the end, we'll merely advise you to follow your heart and don't worry about following the crowd.



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