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Tips to Choose the Right Lehenga Choli as Per Your Body Type

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 16, 2023

Every lady wants to look stunning and be complimented when attending a wedding or other important event. Even a beautiful lehenga can appear awful if the balancing guidelines are not followed.

Even your favourite celebrities and divas must be conscious of their body form to look picture-perfect. Selecting the ideal lehenga is not as important as selecting one that will fit your body perfectly. You can wear your luxury lehenga choli to achieve the right look on your important wedding day whether you have a straight, pear, or hourglass body shape with the help of some balancing techniques. 

There's no need to adopt a trend if it doesn't fit your body because not all cut styles are attractive.

Below we have some lehenga styling advice that will work for your body type.

You can transform your appearance from ordinary to outstanding by adhering to this tip.

Pear shape:

Pear-shaped bodies are described as having a wide hip line.

What to wear?

 A-line or flared lehengas, which resemble the English letter "A," with flare from the hip to the bottom, are ideal for this sort of body shape. 

This is the most common Indian body type. Its wide appearance will detract from wider hips overall. Visit our website for bridal lehenga, lehenga choli, chaniya choli, red bridal lehenga according to your body shape.

 However, You make the most of your narrow waist by wearing a designer drape in the lehenga style.

What to avoid?

If you have a pear-shaped body, stay away from bulky fabrics like wool and leather and choose chiffon, velvet, or georgette to complement your hips. 

To achieve the "million dollar look," wear a lehenga choli in the A-line or long jacket style with a heavy choli or a collar.

Look, fantastic with a pear shape can draw all eyes to the upper body by using the ideal drape and silhouette, which can draw emphasis to your best features while concealing any further imperfections.

Apple shape

It resembles an apple fruit in shape, with a larger waist, large shoulders, and a massive bust area.

What to wear ?

Try a layered or flared lehenga choli with several stitches around the waist or a long kameez choli style to assist balance the broadness of your shoulder and bust if you have an apple form, broad shoulders, a wide bust, but tiny hips and a narrow waist.

The flared lehenga makes your waist appear smaller than it actually is. Instead of emphasising the heavy waistline of the apple shape, think about emphasising the hemline border. The perfect outfit for bridesmaid lehengas, party wear lehenga designs, sangeet lehenga

Wear a net or sheer fabric dupatta with embroidery to cover your waist. 

Choose a georgette or cotton dupatta with a front drape; these materials can be used to create the ideal look.

Try a long jacket style or a jacket style with a soft fabric like crepe, georgette, or chiffon instead of a skinny or short blouse that shows your shape.

What to avoid? 

Avoid wearing ornamented cholis or flat-looking fabrics like brocade or tissues, which will draw attention to how fat your upper body looks.

Rectangular or straight body

Women with skinny body types can style themselves to look curvy and have the most volume since skinny body types have straight lines from the shoulder to the hips.

What to wear?

The fish cut, flare, or sharara cut style lehengas choli  are all popular and make you look curvy and attractive. Choose this style in a full flared skirt or lehenga with stiff fabric to add volume.

A long flared skirt in raw silk is also an option, or wear a triple or double-layered lehenga. 

Even pair a short crop choli or some curvy shape blouse design that goes right with your body. In order to hide your skinny body, wear a stiff dupatta with the lehenga tucked in and leave one side unclosed; this will enhance your thin body contour.

What Must I Avoid?

Boat Neck Off-Shoulder, Choli Blouse, flowy Dupatta.


The 36-24-36-inch Hour Shape Body is ideal for wearing any sort of lehenga choli, net or cotton dupatta, or drapery style.

A lady spends her entire life striving to obtain this shape, after all. Any lehenga will enhance your physique like no other style if you have a proportionate bust, hips, and waist. This is the ideal body type. Make your functions more fun loving with our sangeet lehenga for bride, haldi lehenga for bride. Concerning how to conceal specific areas, you should not worry.


The cut of the lehenga is one consideration when selecting a lehenga choli. This will look stunning and accent it perfectly. The following factors can help you choose the best lehenga choli.

Lehenga's Cut

The style and cut of the lehenga should be your first and most important considerations when buying one for yourself. It looks magnificent when a lehenga with a wide flare and large volume, multiple pleats toward the waist, and short sleeves is worn with it. However, the traditional cut of a lehenga choli is largely round.

It is advisable to choose a lehenga based on your body shape because contemporary designer lehenga cholis come in a variety of sizes and cuts.

The Lehenga's colour

The second important factor in lehengas and sarees in the lehenga choli style is the colour scheme of the outfit. Dark and rich colours like red, vermillion, deep blue, deep green, maroon, and black are appropriate for women with fair skin.

Fair skinned people can wear muted hues like pink, blue, pastel yellow, white, and beige. Dark-skinned women can accessorise with warm, rich hues like orange, gold, brown, grey, and green. Light colours like yellow, blue, pure red, and vibrant green are best for women with dark undertones.

Lehenga embroidered with beads

When choosing a designer lehenga choli for wedding, you should take into account the stitching and embellishment. Although lehengas with elaborate embroidery seem majestic and are ideal for the bride on the day of her nuptials. It's better to refrain from overdoing the frills.

If you are not the bride, it is best to stick with zari or basic, minimalist embroidery that gives the entire ensemble a touch of beauty and charm. With the zari, stone, and sequin work on the bodice and borders, the light embroidery on the lehengas flares, and the outstanding designer bridal lehenga choli dupattas, you look gorgeous and distinctive.

The Last Word

To stand out from the crowd, it is always important to keep your clothing distinctive and eye-catching, and the lehenga is no exception. By changing your lehenga pattern or apparel style, you can produce a distinctive appearance. 

Look through many selections and trends if you want to research and purchase a designer lehenga choli online. 

Choose from the top online retailers that offer a wide selection of dresses at affordable prices and sell all types of gowns.



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