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New Types of Bridal Lehenga Choli Designs to Slay in 2023

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 31, 2023

Every occasion is a fiesta when it comes to Indian weddings! You must always look your best, whether it's for major celebrations like Sangeet, Mehendi, etc. or smaller, more traditional gatherings like Poojas.

Even though grooms aren't immune to this, it's the brides who consistently manage to steal the show with their romantic attire and cheery jewellery.

A designer bridal lehenga choli is one item of apparel that is closely associated with culture and marriage! No matter if it is custom- or designer-made, 

It is the one thing that practically every bride aspires to achieve. While traditional styles are fine and all, modern brides need more!

 They desire unique lehenga choli patterns that unquestionably make a statement.

Types of lehenga cholis

Making Your BLUES Go Away

Choose a stunning designer bridal lehenga blouse design pattern from Ready to wear Lehenga if you want to stand out during your wedding festivities. 

Their stunning blue tulle lehenga is worn with a panelled top with glass cut bead adornments and tulle sleeves with crystal tassels. The eye-pleasing colour scheme is ideal for your pre-wedding festivities and is very lovely.

Design of Fairy Embroidered Lehenga Choli.

Ready to wear lehenga choli exquisite fairytale fantasy lehenga blouse is hand-embroidered and has larger rich flower patterns on the shoulder.

 A structured skirt in a similar colour is worn with the lovely pink brocade organza blouse. Featuring a lehenga with an inverted V-hem and sleeves made of Bamber Silk.

Ikat Lehenga Choli in Banarasi

The stunning Banarasi Ikat lehenga choli blouse features a deep V-neck and is hand embroidered profusely with zardozi and resham work. The blouse has an ikat weave with patola work, a plunging neckline, and a pearl tassel hem that will look gorgeous on you.

Meher Blouse for Lehenga

A captivating pleated and embellished beige blouse that flows gracefully over the shoulder is worn with a multicoloured organza lehenga.

 At your wedding festivities, wear this neutral-colored lehenga choli blouse design with striking jewellery and a neat haircut to set huge fashion goals.

Design of a Pink Net Lehenga Blouse

For your Sangeet night, are you looking for a stylish pink bridal lehenga blouse design? How about this stunning pink cold-shoulder blouse with embellished net, tie-up back, and sequins. 

Wearing this seductive outfit will make you look nothing less than a princess.

Design of a Red Bridal Lehenga Blouse

This magnificent lehenga blouse design is ideal for you if you're one of the brides who is a die-hard admirer of the amazing couture produced by Ready to Wear Lehenga. The stunning and fashionable red bridal lehenga blouse design is a part of his Couture, which honours the timeless quality of carefree glamour and features the classic plunging neckline in a breathtaking gold and red combo.

Coat and lehenga

Getting married in the winter? On cooler days, layering is ideal, but it doesn't have to be mismatched.

 For their wedding, brides can now select jacket lehenga choli styles, which often include a top, a ghagra, and a long fitted jacket. 

Women today really like this refined, modern alternative to the traditional lehenga choli.

 Sometimes the hem is embellished with a trail to create drama or is made to the bride's specifications.

 A dupatta is usually not necessary with jacket lehengas, hence it is not required.

Cape Lehenga 

Millennials in Cape Lehenga, this one's for you! The cape lehenga has been a hit on and off the runways for the past several years, and it is currently a significant trend in wedding design. 

A cape blouse is a significant improvement over the standard blouse, but it can also take the form of an overlay jacket that you can quickly put on before entering the stage or the dance floor. 

The actual cape might be small, lengthy, or even full length. Many times, only the sleeves are cascading, yet all of these interpretations make a strong statement. See how to pair a lehenga with a cape blouse here!

They are created using classic artistic principles and methods with today's contemporary brides in mind. The modern lehengas are quite popular because they let you skip the dupatta and can even be tailored to your preferences. Doesn't that sound amazing?


  1. How do I pick the proper lehenga size?

It's crucial to accurately measure yourself and use the size chart on the website. You can ask the customer service team for advice if you're still unsure.

      2. How should my lehenga be maintained?

The majority of lehengas are made of delicate materials like silk, therefore it's crucial to adhere to the label's care recommendations. A lehenga is typically advised to be dry cleaned.

      3. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Depending on your location and the shipping option you choose, the delivery time may change. For domestic orders, it often takes 2–7 business days, while for international orders, it typically takes 7–14 business days.