Bridal Lehenga Choli

Why is Bridal Lehenga Choli a Preferred Wedding Outfit for Indian Brides?

by Mayur Zinzala on Mar 16, 2023

Lehenga Choli is the most preferred outfit of Indian brides for weddings. The beautiful silhouette of the outfit and the queen-like look it gives, is worth every penny. Online stores like ‘Ready to Wear Lehenga’ have their line of wedding lehenga choli in various colours, fabrics, patterns and design options as well. Read further to understand why bridal lehenga choli is a popular choice for weddings and how to buy a perfect Bridal lehenga choli.

Why is lehenga choli a popular choice for weddings?

Variety of Designs

Bridal lehenga choli are available in a variety of designs, colours, patterns and fabrics. Various designs from A-Line lehenga choli to fishtail lehenga choli, brides get a line of designs they can choose according to their body types and preferences. 

Ease of Experimentation

You can perform various experiments while styling your lehenga choli. You can experiment with draping your dupatta, jewellery, lehenga designs, embellishments, and many such aspects. You can also experiment with the design of the blouse. You can also try various colour coordinations for your wedding lehenga.

Ease of Movement

Unlike bridal sarees, the wedding lehenga for bride offers an ease of movement. You can sit down, stand up and move around without having to worry about the drapes.

How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Lehenga Choli?

Choosing a perfect bridal chaniya choli can be difficult if you don’t have something already in your mind. If you are thinking out of scratch, then here are some factors you should consider while choosing the one;

Body Shape

Lehenga choli, or for sake of the topic, any outfit looks best when chosen according to your body shape. You should choose a lehenga choli that complements your body type instead of what is trendy. For, example, if you have an hourglass or a pear body shape, you should opt for an A-line lehenga choli, whereas if you have an apple body shape, you can go for a layered and flowy lehenga choli.


Red is the ideal colour for most Indian weddings. Red is considered to be ‘Shubh’(auspicious) according to Indian tradition, and so is the red bridal lehenga. It is a preferred colour for bridal lehenga choli. However, nowadays pink, white, peach, purple green and many such colours are trending for bridal lehenga. 

Lehenga Style

Bridal lehenga choli are available in so many styles nowadays. Like mentioned above, they can give you the perfect silhouette when you choose them wisely according to your body type. Below are a few lehenga styles that you can choose from:

  • A-line lehenga Choli
  • Saree-Style Lehenga,
  • Kalidar(Panelled) Lehenga
  • Fishtail(Mermaid style) Lehenga
  • Trail Lehenga
  • Ruffle Lehenga
  • Sharara cut Lehenga
  • Straight cut Lehenga
  • Flared Lehenga(circular lehenga)


Embroidery of the lehenga is probably the most crucial thing to choose, as the embroidery decides how good and royal the lehenga looks. There are so many types of embroidery work you can go with for your designer lehenga for wedding. Here are a few:

  • Zardozi
  • Zari
  • Chikankari
  • Phulkari
  • Gara
  • Cut dana
  • Gota patti
  • Dabka
  • Applique
  • Mirror Work


It goes without saying that the blouse of your bridal outfit also plays a vital role. A perfect blouse that goes with your body type, as well as with your bridal lehenga is a must. It needs to be comfortable for you to wear during the whole function. You can choose the blouse according to the lehenga type you have chosen as well as your body type. 

  • Round neck blouse
  • Close neck blouse
  • Ruffled sleeve blouse
  • Jacket style blouse
  • Cape style blouse
  • Spaghetti strap blouse
  • Boat neck blouse
  • Tube blouse
  • Peplum blouse
  • Off Shoulder blouse

And many such designs you can experiment with. 


Another important factor that gives your bridal lehenga choli a star like finish are the embellishments. Little details like tassels and frills, kamarbandh, the stone work around the neck line, the lace on the dupatta, etc. give the lehenga choli that extra-ordinary factor. 

To Wrap Up,

Once you choose what you need for your bridal lehenga, you either get them made out of scratch just how you like it. Or you can simply go through ‘Ready to Wear Lehenga’ and select the bridal lehenga choli that suits all your requirements. 

Further when you are done with your bridal lehenga shopping, all there left to do is, put on the make up(or not), put on your bridal jewellery and you are ready for your big day!


1. Why is lehenga choli a preferred wedding outfit for Indian brides?

Variety of designs, ease of movement and the ease of experimentation with styling makes lehenga choli the most preferred wedding outfit for Indian brides. 

2. What are the most trendy colours for bridal lehenga nowadays?

Nowadays red, pink, white, peach, purple, green and many such colours are trending for bridal lehenga.

3.What are the types of embroidery work done in India?

A few of the embroidery works that are crafted in India are: Zardozi, Zari, Chikankari, Phulkari, Gara, Cut dana, Gota patti, Dabka, Applique, Mirror Work.